MiniTool® Partition Recovery

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Recovery Partitions

Recover partitions with MiniTool Partition Recovery software. With MiniTool Partition Recovery software, you can recover your lost partitions caused by accidental deletion as well as virus attack, insuring the safety of your data without having recourse to data recovery software.
As a free partition recovery software adopting the newest programming technology, MiniTool Partition Recovery supports 32 or 64 bit operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP, Windows7 and Vista as well as file systems such as FAT 12/16/32 (used by hard disks, disks, Smartmedia, Compact Flash, Memory Stick and other) and NTFS (used by hard drives), etc.

Use MiniTool Partition Recovery to recover partitions, firstly, download it at for free. Less than 5MB in size, MiniTool Partition Recovery is veritably a mini tool with non-toxic green installation and no damage to operating system that is worth using.

Run MiniTool Partition Recovery and choose the disk where partition lost, operate under guidance and click "Next":

To meet distinct needs of users, we can choose different partition recovery modes applicable for various types of partition loss. Without too much complicated help, all operations can be finished by clicking mouse. You may visit for help if you have any doubts or questions.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions:

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